Top Underdogs Who Beat the Odds to Qualify For the FIFA World Cup

Top Underdogs Who Beat the Odds to Qualify For the FIFA World Cup.complete analysis by our team of experts.

Whether you are a die-hard fan or you have just watched a few games, you might have heard of the top underdogs who beat the odds to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. While the world may think that the top underdogs are the favorites, this may not always be true. This article will help you identify the top underdogs who actually beat the odds and earned their place in the World Cup.

North Korea 2010 South Africa World Cup

Despite a 0-4 drubbing by Italy in the first round, North Korea beat the odds and qualified for the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010. In fact, it took them over 20 months to qualify. They beat Portugal 3-0, then lost to Greece 5-3, and then drew with Saudi Arabia 0-0.

The average North Korean will not know what happens in South Africa. They have no idea whether the team will win all three group matches. The military officials who run the team also decide when the players sleep, eat and bathe.

The military has also been involved in training government troops. Some of the players, like Jong Tae-se, travel to training by subway. The military also gives the team talks.

Although the team had only played in one World Cup, there are players from other countries. This could give North Korea a chance to make it to the finals.

One player who has represented the USA at multiple World Cups is Michael Beasley. He played left back in the first two qualifiers in 2002 and wore number 7. In 2006, he became the first U.S. male to play in four World Cups.

New Zealand 2010 South Africa World Cup

  • Despite being a bit of a footnote in the world of football, New Zealand has managed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. And they are expected to lose three games in the process.
  • They will face a tough group of opponents that includes defending World Cup champion Italy and South Africa. The All-Whites will also face a host of lesser-known teams, which means they will be looking to inject fresh energy into their attack.
  • For New Zealand, the best player on the field is probably their all-time leading goal scorer, Michael Wood. He plays for Newcastle United and is considered the best goal machine in the country. He has had several opportunities to put a number on the scoreboard and could be a major threat to the Costa Rican defense.
  • New Zealand has been in fine form over the last 14 games. They have won five matches, drawn two, and lost two. They were beaten 5-0 by Spain in last year’s Confederations Cup. They also defeated Bahrain over two legs.
  • The All-Whites have had some decent World Cup qualifying games. They qualified for the World Cup by winning the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) tournament.

Canada 1986 Mexico World Cup

Almost four decades have passed since Canada’s men’s national soccer team qualified for the World Cup. In fact, they have not made the tournament since 1986.

The Canadian men’s team did a lot of things in qualifying for the World Cup, but they sadly didn’t do one thing well. For one thing, they didn’t score a goal.

On the other hand, they did score a non-shootout penalty in the World Cup. The Canadians may have the best midfield in CONCACAF. In fact, Stephen Eustaquio is considered the best in the region.

Canada was the underdog in the qualifying rounds, and they were also the underdog in the first round of the World Cup. They played three games, but they won none.

The Canadian men’s national soccer team is preparing for its second appearance in the FIFA World Cup. It will face Belgium, Morocco, and Croatia in Group F. They will play three high-quality teams in the first round, and will need to pick up points to move on to the knockout stages.

The best thing about the Canada men’s national soccer team is that the team has proven it is a good team, and they can do things the right way. They can be considered the golden generation of Canadian soccer.

Angola 2006 Germany World Cup

Despite the fact that Angola is not one of the top nations in the region, the South African nation managed to qualify for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. With an excellent performance in the group stage, Angola has a strong chance of qualifying for the knockout stages.

The African nation’s qualification for the World Cup came after it won a double qualifier against Chad. In the second leg, Angola won 2-0. In the first match, it was a 3-1 loss. Angola’s only loss in the group stage was against Portugal, which was a major setback.

The country’s national team has been managed by Luis Oliveira Goncalves, a former player who is also a popular manager. He selected a mix of players from Portugal and Angola. The team finished with six wins, two draws, and a loss.

The country’s search for players started in 1995. They also took part in the African Youth Championship. The Angola government set the conditions for sporting activities to continue.

The country also has a rich history of sports. Basketball is the most popular sport in the country. However, football remains a national passion. The country is also known for its capoeira, a rhythmic dance form.

Trinidad & Tobago 2006 Germany World Cup

Despite being the smallest nation by population, Trinidad & Tobago qualified for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The country was only the fourth Caribbean nation to qualify for a World Cup after Cuba, Northern Ireland, and Jamaica.

This was the first time that Trinidad & Tobago had ever qualified for a World Cup. This meant that the country was going to play in the finals of a World Cup for the first time.

The Trinidad and Tobago national football team were under the stewardship of Leo Beenhakker. He selected some British-based players for the squad. The team won its first game against Guatemala 3-2. It went on to lose its second game 2-0 against Costa Rica.

In its last game of the World Cup qualifying campaign, Trinidad & Tobago played Bahrain. The TT players were excited and upbeat. After the game, the Trinidad and Tobago national flags flew.

The fans were a jubilant bunch. Many honked their car horns. The smallest nation to qualify for a World Cup had never been Germany. It was a big achievement for the players. The stadium was packed with people.

The game was played at lunchtime in TT. The team played well, gaining the best of possession. The team scored the first own-goal in World Cup qualifying history.

Iceland 2018 Russia World Cup

Considering Iceland is the smallest nation in the world by population, it’s surprising they managed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. However, they are now a trendy underdog pick for the World Cup.

Despite being the smallest nation in history, they managed to qualify for the World Cup in Russia with a surprising performance. They were the top scoring nation in UEFA Group I played prior to the tournament. They won seven of their 10 games, outscoring their opponents 16-7.

Iceland’s performance is considered to be one of the best of this era. The team’s success has been attributed to idiosyncrasies.

The team was formed in 1947 and qualified for no major international tournaments until the last World Cup in 2014. Their success has been attributed to doing things their own way.

The most impressive feat was winning a qualifying group and securing a playoff spot. Their performance in the Euro Cup was also impressive, including a quarterfinal run. However, their World Cup run was a dud. They lost 2-1 to France.

Despite their disappointing performance in the World Cup, the team was still able to qualify for the Euro Cup. They qualified with a 2-1 win over Ukraine and a draw against Portugal. The team also tied Hungary in the group stage.

Togo 2006 Germany World Cup

Historically, Germany has been one of the strongest teams to play in the World Cup. The Germans have also hosted the tournament on five occasions. The host country’s performance has always been excellent.

But the 2006 tournament was a little different. The country had to deal with a pay dispute, which saw its coach walk out of the team three days before the World Cup. The dispute also resulted in FIFA intervening to ensure bonuses for players. During the dispute, Pfister claimed that players boycotted training camp three times.

The dispute came to a head after Pfister quit his team. His replacement was Kodjovi Mawuena. The team’s management had already lost Stephen Keshi and his replacement.

In the end, Togo qualified with a 7-2-1 record, a better record than the other two teams in the group. The team finished on 23 points, two points ahead of complacent Senegal. In the final match of the group, Togo beat Equatorial Guinea 2-0.

The game in Cologne was sold out and drew a crowd of more than 46,000 people. The stadium was decorated in a brilliant yellow. It was the fifth game for Cologne this World Cup.


The journey to the World Cup is a long and difficult one. For every team that qualifies, there are dozens of underdogs who battled through tough qualifying rounds to make it this far. These teams have all shown perseverance and determination, proving that anything is possible when it comes to soccer.

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