Who is England’s best right-back? Which one of them will start at the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup

Who is England's best right-back

During the last two seasons, the top right-backs in the England squad have been Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kyle Walker. Both players have been instrumental in helping England secure the title in both seasons. Now, they are two of the most highly-rated players in the game. Which one of them will be selected for the next World Cup in 2022?

Reece James

Whether he’s the best right-back in the world or not isn’t an easy question to answer. But James is certainly one of the best. And he’s got a nice balance to his game.

Reece James, the young Englishman who plays for Chelsea, has certainly impressed this season. He’s scored four goals and registered three assists in eight Premier League matches. He’s also started 10 of the 11 games he’s played for the club. In fact, he’s only played two fewer games than Trent Alexander-Arnold, the other Englishman in the squad.

The jury is out on whether he’s the best right-back in the world, but there’s no doubt he’s one of the best in the Premier League. He’s also one of the most in-form right-backs in the world. Whether he plays for England at the World Cup in Qatar in a month’s time is another matter entirely.

He’s also one of the most talented right-backs in the world, and he’s only 22. He’s got a great balance to his game, he’s got a strong set of credentials, and he’s even got a trick or two up his sleeve.

James has also managed to make his name known in the Champions League. He’s had two bumps in the road in the competition so far. But he managed to score an equalizer for Chelsea in a 4-4 draw against Ajax last year, and his performance against AC Milan in the Champions League was no less impressive. He also got up after suffering a knee injury. And, while he won’t be back before the World Cup, he’s still got a chance to play in the Quarter-finals.

In the long term, James will be a great right-back for England. He’s also got a great future. He’s already been nominated for EFL Team of the Season in his first year as a professional. He’s had a good season so far, and it’s certainly an exciting one for Chelsea. But he hasn’t quite reached his potential. And, while he’s certainly one of the best right-backs in the world, he’s still a long way behind the likes of James Rodriguez and Mohamed Salah.

Kieran Trippier

  • Despite having made only four Premier League appearances in his first year at the club, Kieran Tripper has been a key part of Newcastle’s stirring revival under Eddie Howe. Tripper is a dependable right-back who has been a key component of Newcastle’s watertight defense this season.
  • Trippier is an experienced defender and a good crosser of the ball and has a decent attacking threat. He also has an excellent ability from set pieces.
  • After making his senior international debut in June, Tripper has since become a regular fixture in the England side. He played a wing-back role in the Nations League games against Germany and Italy. He also started the Euro 2020 final against Italy at a right wing-back.
  • Kieran Tripper is a strong contender to start for England against Iran in the World Cup. He is also one of the leaders of Newcastle’s stirring revival under Eddie Howe.
  • After starting the season with four games, Tripper has already started three more and has made an impact. He has shipped just nine goals in 11 Premier League games this season and has also logged three assists. He should be able to beat Trent Alexander-Arnold into the England starting eleven.
  • Tripper is also a very good defensive player, having made a string of assists in Euro 2016, and he has won metrics such as defensive play and shots created. He also has a decent attacking threat, providing marauding runs forward on the right.
  • In the 2019 Champions League, Trippier was part of the team that finished runners-up. He also helped convince Bruno Guimaraes to move to Newcastle.
  • He is also a good passer, and his cross average in his last seven games is 7.1. He has also made a total of 120 crosses in his last 14 starts.
  • Trippier and Alexander-Arnold are arguably the two best right-backs in the Premier League right now. However, Alexander-Arnold’s form has suffered this season, and he’s missed a number of games. He also has an ankle injury.
  • He’s a strong contender to be named as England’s number-one right-back, but there are plenty of other options for Gareth Southgate.

Kyle Walker

Despite the fact that he is a defender, Kyle Walker is England’s best right-back. The Manchester City full-back has a knack for breaking down opposition defenses, using his pace and physicality to make life difficult for his opponents. He is also one of England’s best passers of the ball.

The Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, uses Walker’s pace and ability to break down opposition defenses to great effect. He also uses his physicality to create space for England’s creative players.

Kyle Walker’s in-possession role involves progressing the ball forward, usually using short passes, and creating overloads in wide areas. He also has the ability to recover in defensive situations.

At UEFA Euro 2020, Walker was England’s second-best player for passes into the final third, behind only Harry Maguire. In the semi-final against Denmark, Walker played a key role in the build-up to the opening goal, passing the ball to Kane in the process. His in-possession performance also earned him the top progressive pass award.

The Manchester City right-back has improved his positional awareness and passing accuracy since moving to England. He has also learned to use his speed to beat his opponents when he is on the edge of the box.

Kyle Walker is one of the most versatile players in the world, capable of playing a traditional full-back role as well as a more creative role in the back three. He is also adept at defending one-vs-one situations in wide areas. He is also adept at breaking down counter-attacks, using his speed to recover in the box.

The Manchester City right-back has also improved his positional awareness, passing accuracy, and awareness of where his teammates are in the game. He has also learned to use his speed and physicality to create space for England’s attacking players. He also has the ability to match the run of Germany left-back David Raum.

Despite the fact that he is England’s best right-back, there are a number of other right-backs in the country. Ultimately, Kyle Walker’s role will likely be less than glamorous. His main priority is to get fit for the World Cup.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Whether you consider him England’s best right-back, Trent Alexander-Arnold is unquestionably a top talent. He has a unique ability to slash through defenses from a deep position. He is also a huge attacking set-piece asset for Liverpool.

Alexander-Arnold has a unique skill set, and it suits Liverpool better than anyone else. He can play in central positions, as well as on the wing. His long diagonal ball over the opposition right-back is a devastating weapon. He is also calm in possession, and able to make short passes to combine with a central midfielder. He is also a very good shooter.

Alexander-Arnold has been on a slump at the club level this season but is still in the hunt for an England place. Liverpool is currently 10th in the Premier League, 14 points off the top, and he was a key member of their Champions League semi-final win over Barcelona in May. His performances have not been encouraging this season, however, and he has been heavily criticized for his defensive displays in August.

Alexander-Arnold’s defensive deficiencies are not isolated to the club season. He was a member of England’s UEFA Nations League squad last season but was dropped from the squad for the Germany match. He has also struggled to make an impression at the international level. This has led to some criticism on social media.

The criticism will focus on his defensive mistakes. However, Klopp and Southgate both have the correct view of Alexander-Arnold’s on-pitch frailties.

He isn’t the best defender, however. He is often criticized for his positioning and defensive frailties. He is also an attacking threat, but he hasn’t scored a goal in the Premier League this season.

In spite of his shortcomings, Alexander-Arnold’s skill set is a unique fit for Liverpool. His ability to play in central positions is an advantage, and he has also put up some outstanding numbers as a right-back.

Alexander-Arnold can play a killer ball from the right-back, and he is capable of combining with a central midfielder with a short pass. He has also started to move into central positions, a position that is suited to a number eight who moves out to the touchline.


Until recently, Gareth Southgate has only selected a few right-backs for his England side. But recently, his camp has become more competitive in this position. And now, there are three contenders for the starting place at the 2022 World Cup.

The first option is Kyle Walker. He has played for the England U-19, U-21, and senior national teams. He also has four Premier League titles to his name. Having played at both right and left-back, he has a wide range of experience. His defensive shortcomings could be a concern, though.

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