Shakira and Gerard Pique reconvene in Barcelona to finalize child custody in court; photos surface


Shakira and Gerard Pique were seen in court together in Barcelona, where they were finalizing the custody arrangement for their kid.

Before making the announcement in June of their decision to end their relationship, the couple had been together for nearly 11 years.

Their two children are Sasha, who is seven years old, and Milan, who is nine years old. After a protracted discussion that lasted for the previous year and a half, the celebrity couple made their decision over custody of the children last month.

Last month, Shakira and Pique, who played defense for Barcelona in the past, issued a joint statement that went as follows:

“We desire to convey that we have signed an agreement that ensures the wellbeing of our children and that will be validated in court as part of a simple legal process,” the statement said, “We hope to communicate that we have signed an agreement that guarantees the wellbeing of our children.”

Our only mission is to provide them with the highest level of safety and protection, and we are certain that their right to privacy will be upheld throughout the process. We are grateful for the attention that has been exhibited and we have high hopes that the children will be able to go on living their lives with the required level of privacy in an atmosphere that is both secure and tranquil.
On Thursday, December 1, they were seen arriving at the courthouse, with the Colombian pop sensation wearing a chic all-black ensemble. Pique maintained a low profile and hid her identity by wearing all-black clothing.

The well-known musician is planning to relocate to Miami in the next year, and his ex-girlfriend Pique has given her OK for the transfer.

The relocation of the children to live with Shakira is in the works. On the other hand, Gerard Pique will have the opportunity to spend ten days each month with the children. El Periodico, a Catalan newspaper, reported:

“During the holiday season this year, they will switch custody of the children 50/50 by the calendar of the regional government of Catalonia; but, in the years to come, they will do so by the schedule of the children’s schools. This is the custody agreement that the football player and his girlfriend, Shakira, have come to about their children. After Christmas, Sasha and Milan will go across the Atlantic Ocean with Shakira and say their last goodbyes to Gerard Pique. FC Barcelona against SD Eibar – La Liga

FC Barcelona against SD Eibar – La Liga

Sasha and Milan will spend Christmas with Pique in Barcelona, where they now reside, before making the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to join Shakira in the United States.

Pique is free to go there and talk to them anytime he pleases. He is not restricted in any way. The celebrity couple will both contribute an equal amount to cover the costs.

Following their recent divorce, Colombian singer Shakira and former FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique sign an agreement over the custody of her children. Pique played for FC Barcelona.

📸 EPA/ EFE Quique Garcia

La Vanguardia reported:

“The children will spend Christmas in Barcelona, but as soon as 2023 starts, the player will wave farewell and make a difficult sacrifice in order to ensure that the children do not suffer through an even more agonizing separation from their parents. It won’t be a problem for him to sail across the ocean to see them anytime he chooses to do so. They will each be responsible for their own share of the bills.”

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